Welcome, Readers!

Growing up on the fringe of the Everglades, I have encountered many native and invasive creatures.   On any given day, we South Floridians come across some weird and wacky wildlife.    The critters are so strange and varied.   We don’t need to make up fantastical beasts for fables when we have so many real and amazing ones in our backyard.

I loved writing stories as a child, but as a wife, mother, and daughter to aging parents, I never had time to compose my ideas.   Now that the nest is empty (if you don’t count the obnoxious parrots), I knew it was time to write down the stories that have been swirling around in my brain for years.

I’m working on a novel for upper middle grade readers.  Weaving Celtic mythology and Florida history, it’s a tale of the struggle for survival of our fragile Everglades.   I’m also revising Ann & Wally, a story for middle grade readers set during World War II in New York.

I hope to share these stories soon!


One thought on “Welcome, Readers!

  1. Women of Celtic descent possess the ancient strength and awareness of the land of mists. Tara Powers is one of this special breed. May her tales weave magic in our lives. Please….carry on!

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